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Cadbury World Essay

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Cadbury World Course Project

Mohammad Nai

Devry University

Cadbury World
      Cadbury World is a company committed to education. Tracing back to 1879 and the move to Bournville, George Cadbury introduced the first employee and community education program. Cadbury World has maintained the same commitment to education until this day. And the importance of the project –which started in 1990-is that touring Cadbury World the guest will see and recall the heritage of Cadbury and learn how it developed from a small Birmingham based business into a international corporation. The concept itself is very interesting but due to the lack of capital the operation started facing challenges, such as hiring low cost employees, small facilities, and also low quality of information technology, which all lead to dissatisfaction by the customers. And in order to solve this problem has to be highlighted in order to be able to decide the right steps to follow to fix any problem in the company.

    But even though the operation is facing a lot of challenges but still the company is getting guests and that is for one important reason, which is price, the price is acceptable based on the package that they offer for the customers, another thing that attracted customers is the marketing as   marketing and Operations Management are two interrelated functional areas in all manufacturing and service firms, and they both complete each other as working on a plan of marketing within the project management plan will assure any organization to attract customers, and we studied this previously in this course in the case of Hard Rock Café festival; in that case Hard Rock marketing and operation planning was to make a blast and to invite singers to a festival to shape the memory of their customers, which will create loyalty and higher revenues to the organization, and I see this very similar to the blast of Cadbury World.
    Cadbury wanted to create a unique place...

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