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Canada's Involvement Essay

  • Submitted by: crazymonkeh
  • on June 1, 2014
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During the years from 1950-1990 the Cold War was going on mainly between the United States of America and Russia. The reason Canada got involved in the Cold War was because if its close ties with its next door neighbour the United States of America. Throughout the Cold War Canada has been involved in military actions. They have been involved in the creation of NORAD which is the North American defense system created during the cold war to help prevent aerial threats from reaching the cities in North America. Canada also supplied fighter lanes to NORAD by using the RCAF as their resource. These topics that have been stated above are some of the many reasons that show that Canada had many large military actions throughout the Cold War.
The Cold War was a war between the United States of America and Russia fought with more words than action. Throughout the cold war there have been few major physical conflicts, like the Vietnam War and the Korean War, but these wars were not fought between the States and Russia. They were wars fought within countries which one side was supplied by Russia and the other by the States. The wars stated above were a fight between communism (Russian assisted side) and democracy (United States of America assisted side). Besides these wars there were very little physical conflicts. The rest of the cold war was fought with fear and threats. An example of this is the abundance of arms and technology built during the Cold War. These were to scare the other country into thinking that they would attack. This was what the Cold war mainly consisted of, threats of attack directly and indirectly.
The creation of NORAD by the United States of America and Canada is one the most noted military movements Canada had ever executed. During the beginning years of the Cold War Canada and the United States noticed that being in an alliance with each other would massively benefit each other’s military defenses in North America. This was a huge leap forward for...

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