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Cancers Essay

  • Submitted by: adrievaldez
  • on June 1, 2014
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This week’s extra credit is to talk about five different types of Cancers. They are multiple types of Cancers in the world; some have cures and others unfortunately do not. The five types of Cancer’s I will be talking about are Kaposi Sarcoma, Cervical Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Hypo pharyngeal Cancer, and Endometrial Cancer. The type of Cancers that I chose, I’ve never heard about them.
The first is Kaposi Sarcoma according to the American Cancer Society; Kaposi Sarcoma is a cancer that develops from the cells that line lymph or blood vessels. The symptoms that people who appear to develop this see, tumors on the skin or on mucosal surface meaning inside the mouth. The tumors can also develop in other parts of the body, like if the lymph nodes collect into a bean-size and go throughout the body or digestive tract. When abnormal cells of Kaposi Sarcoma form purple, red or brown blotches or tumors on the skin. The affected areas are named lesions, and they usually appear on the face or legs. When Kaposi Sarcoma is found in the lungs, lover, or digestive tract it is a serious problem and can become life threatening. They are numerous types of Kaposi Sarcoma, Epidemic Kaposi Sarcoma which is AIDS related. Classic Mediterranean Kaposi Sarcoma, which occurs mainly in older people of Mediterranean, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern population. They are many more certain types of Kaposi Sarcoma but they all in the end are similar because the changes within the KS cells are very similar. The general treatment for KS has been more effective that it was a couple of decades ago. Doctors now days understand KS what causes KS and are better at effective ways of treating it. For those who have KS within the immune system, but the most important part is by keeping the immune system healthy and related infections under control. Some of the treatments are Local therapy, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, and Biologic therapy. This type of cancer is curable because these...

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