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Cardiac Health Promotion Essay

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Michelle Tanner (Group A)
Cardiac Health Promotion

Coronary heart disease is the single biggest killer in the UK, causing around 82,000 of deaths a year. This is about one in five men and one in eight women. Coronary heart disease   is the term used to describe what happens to the heart when the blood supply is blocked or interrupted by a build-up of fatty substances in the coronary arteries Health promotion is important it helps us with the facts so we can reduce this.
Health promotion is about keeping healthy, living a healthy lifestyle, preventing illness and preventing existing illness from getting worse. It’s better to prevent coronary heart disease than to cure. All coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease in 2009 cost the NHS £8.7 billion and the total economic cost (including healthcare cost, informal care and loss of productivity) was £18.9 billion. (british heart foundation). Not only does it cause problems for our economic cost but It also causes suffering to the individual too by loss of income, loss of status and loss of lifestyle.
The patient being seen at a cardiac clinic, are referred patients from a GP or primary care trust (PCT), as the patient seemed to be at risk of coronary heart disease (CHD), or cardiovascular disease (CVD). The patients can also be a previous patient that needs monitoring, as they have suffered a cardiac event, i.e. stroke, angina or have a pacemaker.
Patients will have an assessment done first by their GP these are done by frontline tests. These tests inform the GP of any damage to any part of the system and any risk of CHD or CVD.
The frontline tests are:
BP- Blood pressure, if raised indicates damage to heart rate. It’s not something that you can feel or notice. If left untreated the heart may become enlarge. The heart will pump less effectively. This could lead to a cardiac event.
BMI – Weight can make a difference to the risk of heart disease. Obesity makes the heart work harder than necessary....

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