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A Case Study on the Motorola China’s Localization Strategy
Wang ,Wen-Cheng, Department of Business Management, Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology, Taiwan Chen, Ying-Chang, Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health, Taiwan Chu, Ying-Chien, Department of Tourism and LeisureNational Penghu University, Taiwan

ABSTRACT In a high degree of integration global economy now today, people have become more concerned about the phenomenon of transnational corporations; multinational companies renounce the traditional research and development model in the host country, where they have set up research and development centers. In this thesis, a case study will be carried out to analysis the Motorola’s current localization strategy and its market position in China, in order to highlight the points that local enterprise could learn from Motorola. Firstly, we make an introduction of Motorola company; Then, the we do the PEST analysis of Motorola’s localization strategy in China, which are attached in Appendix; Thirdly, we analysis the motivation for Motorola’s localization strategy in China; Fourthly, we pick up the Motorola’s localization strategy in China, including HRM localization, Manufacturing localization, R&D localization, Brand localization and Motorola’s HRM strategy. In the course of economic globalization vs. localization research and the developments of internationalization have relationship and difference. Localization can be said as the first step of international business towards. Thinking globalization and localization action has become the guiding philosophy of many multinational corporations. The research objective is under the conditions of economic globalization in order to improve the market shares of multinational companies must be in a localization process. Keywords: Multinational corporations Globalization Localization strategy INTRODUCTION Background Motorola was founded in 1928, which is one of the top 100...

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