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Case Study Facilities Design

  • Submitted by: Jeysonccs1
  • on February 26, 2014
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Name: Jeyson Chee Chin Seong           Student ID: 1301100413
Case Study: Drifting Toward the Storm
Discussion Questions
  1) What should Ray include in his job description for the director of engineering position?
Generally, job descriptions provide important information regarding duties and expectations for both employers and employees. Effectively developed job descriptions are communication tools that can contribute to an organization's success. While well-written job descriptions can help guide an employee, poorly written descriptions may contribute to a lack of understanding of key job responsibilities. For instance, Ray could increases the chances of hiring the right person for the director of engineering position if it is described accurately in the job posting, where it's a good idea to include the job description.
A hotel is a plant encompassing a myriad of facilities and services and it is imperative that all those elements work smoothly and in cohesion to ensure that the guests have a comfortable and safe stay. Although hidden behind the scenes and rarely feted, the director of engineering holds a vitally important position for the successful operating of a hospitality property and performs an invaluable role in the equation. Thus, Ray must be highly concern regarding what to include in his job description as it must describe in detail the most important functions of the director of engineering position. Good descriptions include descriptions of the tasks and provide benchmarks for measuring success. The following are some of the important aspects that Ray should be included in his job description.
Safety and Security; A director of engineer must ensure a safe and secure environment for guests, team members in compliance with regulatory policies and procedures. Also, always ensure property safety, first aid and fire and emergency procedures to operate equipment safely and sensibly. Providing an accommodating atmosphere that doesn't...

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