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Cause and Effect Essay

  • Submitted by: keisenre
  • on February 28, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Kristy Eisenreich
Dr. Whalen
ENGL 0950
Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essay on Smoking

“Smoking Cigarettes Is Harmful To Health”. This is the warning sentence which is shown on every pack of cigarettes.   Therefore, smoking cigarettes has many effects on a human’s life that can be serious. There are several campaigns against smoking communicating that this vice causes death.   People tend to block themselves and ignore all the information that is given to them.   There are many toxic substances which are contained in tobacco, and very few people seem to be well informed about them, myself included. Tobacco smoke is more dangerous than pollutants in the air! Every pack of cigarettes has a warning label explaining the risks of smoking and as a diehard smoker this label isn’t taken very seriously. In this essay I am going to discuss cigarette smoking and the effects it has had on my life: smell of smoke, stained teeth and diseases it can cause; this is a huge mistake in my life I chose to take on.
The first effect of smoking cigarettes, and more than likely the one that non-smokers hate the most, is the odor that makes everything stink around it. Non- Smokers tend to feel choked on the smoke which causes them to cough. People that smoke usually has smelly hair, bad breath, stinky clothes, and, if they smoke indoors, expect an incredibly smelly room. What I seem to notice the most is the stench of cigarette smoke is very penetrating and very hard to remove if even possible.   Also, the more you smoke the worse it becomes. Even when a person ceases smoking the odor remains for a long time, such as in a house, or even automobiles.
Another effect of cigarette smoking is one that most people don’t even take into consideration.   After many years of smoking it stains your teeth yellow or sometimes they turn a tint of brown. Smokers not only start to develop wrinkles and yellow teeth, they also can develop yellow fingers. Since this effect is...

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