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Ccot Africa Essay

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  • on February 19, 2014
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Between 1500-1800 C.E. Sub-Saharan Africa experienced changes and continuity as they began to go further with their foreign relations. Culturally, Africa began to form syncretic cults that had Christian teachings and African traditions. Slavery continued to be one of Africa's main way of showing economic wealth. Africa experienced growth and change in their political organization and the rise and fall of kingdoms and states
  Before the syncretic cults, Africa's old traditions and beliefs surrounded deities, idols, and multiple gods. These god symbolized the world around them. Then, when Christianity and Islam came over to Sub-Saharan Africa, there was intermixing with the traditions and foreign religions. Christianity became popular with the kings, who would convert, which would mean their people would convert too. They saw the priest and missionaries as shamans or magicians who helped ward off bad spirits and other evils. This mix would be know as the syncretic cults. A special one was the Antonian Movement. It was led by a African woman, Dona Beatriz. She believed that a saint was possessing her and that he would be giving the people messages through Dona. She believed that Jesus was an African man, the Kongo was the holy land of Christianity, and that heaven was for Africans. These teachings were definitely in the favor of the Africans. However, the Church did not accept these teaching had Dona Beatriz burn on a stake. Yet the teaching from the cult remain strong. The influence of Christianity, with the help of the Portuguese, created these syncretic cults and because of this, the culture of Africa changed.
  Slavery was already accepted after the Bantu migrations. These slaves were either war captives, prisoners, debtors, or witches. They were forced to work, usually in agriculture, but there were some that worked in construction or mining. There were also a few who held high jobs, like administers or advisers. However, slaves were still treated like...

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