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Cells Essay

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Cells are easy to distinguish by their shape. How are the shapes of cells related to their function.

There are many different types of cells, which have different shapes that help them with their function.

In animals, in the blood there are red blood cells.   red blood cells transport oxygen through the muscles and tissues around the body. Red Blood Cells have a diameter of 7 micrometers and this is the same as the diameter of a blood capillary. This allows the cell to be able to transport oxygen as close as possible to the tissues, reducing the diffusion distance of oxygen making it more efficient. Red Blood cells are Biconcave or Doughnut shaped. This increases its surface area to volume ratio, which means that oxygen can diffuse quickly into or out of the cell. Red blood cells have no Nucleus or Mitochondria, which provides more room for hemoglobin, and therefore increasing the amount of oxygen that can be carried by each red blood cell.

Also in the blood there are white blood cells one of which are phagocytes. These are large non-ridged cells. They are big so that they can engulf foreign bacteria or viruses that enter the body and are non ridged allowing them to be able to move around the blood easily.

Sperm is a zygote used in sexual reproduction, the shape of the cell is important to its function. It has a head with the nucleus in the head allowing it to burry itself into the egg. It also has a thin tail called flagella with many mitochondria, which increases respiration and therefore energy allowing itself to swim towards the egg.

Nerve cells have a long axon which allows it to reach the whole body and different dendrites so it can reach to more intricate parts of the body so the brain can control the whole of the nervous system allowing all of the body to be able to move and feel etc.

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