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Change Management Essay

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Below is an essay on "Change Management" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Table of Contents
1 Introduction 1
2 Own experience 1
3 Overview of the company Composants Perfectionnés 2
4 Critical review of the strategy 2
5 Key Issues and Insights 3
6 Theories & Recommendation 5
7 Conclusion & Lessons Learned 10
8 References 11

Today the world have become even more globalized and therefore organisational changes is a very important key element to continuously be competitive and successful in the changing business environment. Since we have become more technological and have access to different types of technology such as computers and many kinds of browsers, many of us have the opportunity to search for information but it also requires us to deal with many different challenges in the daily life. However we are all humans with different needs and we all have different way of reacting in a very complex environment. But we need to face the fact that most of us will have to deal with changes both in private life but also in our working life. We need to be able to adopt and respond to the changes in the future. But how is it possible? And what does it require from us?

Own experience
Within my working life I have had five different work changes. The first one when I went on maternity leave in 1990 I was at that time employed in a shipping agency. At that time the maternity leave in Denmark was 6 months. It was therefore scheduled that I should return to the company after my 6 months of leave, but during me maternity leave the EU had decided to close down the EU borders between Denmark and Germany. As a consequence to the EU decision almost every shipping agency companies in the border between Denmark and Germany who were carried out customs declaration were closed and many people were dismissed. Nevertheless this situation also forced many of us to look for alternatives. For some it was very easy to seek after new opportunities but for others it was more complicated and some people were...

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