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Chemistry News Essay

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Local: Nouvelle Chimie
A chef working with the WD-50 located on the lower Eastside of Manhattan has managed to create innovative dishes from mixing natural products with chemicals. Examples of his innovations in the kitchen include making of a French onion soup from baked grated cheese, milk and propylene glycol alginate. The resulting thick dough-like mass is than immersed in pectin, which forms a hard shell while the inside remains soft (The New York Times, 2013). The shell is formed because of a chemical reaction between pectin and calcium in the milk and cheese.  
Regional: Pulp as biodegradable plastic in disposable food containers
Scientist from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) together with university co-operators Washington State University have developed a biodegradable thermoplastic that could be used in making disposable food containers. To make the plastic, the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists incorporated pulp from sugar beet, which is biodegradable, and is residue from sugar extraction processes, with a biodegradable polymer. The resulting thermoplastic composites retain mechanical properties, which are similar to polypropylene and polystyrene; compounds used to make white, spongy food packages (USDA, 2013). The pulp used is generated in large amounts during the processing of sugar beet common in the eastern region of the Unites States. It is imperative that profitable applications of this pulp be identified, applications, which can enhance the long-term economic viability of U.S. agribusiness. The process of making the plastic is chemical and is known as polymerisation.
National: Bomb Blasts Alter Brain Lipids
It is estimated that about 320,000 American soldiers returning from the Afghani war and Iraqi war have struggled with neurological problems associated with traumatic brain injury. Many war veterans have experienced symptoms, such as anxiety and memory loss even without physical signs of brain injury....

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