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Children Essay

  • Submitted by: emedina55
  • on June 2, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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The best way to understand toddlers is through observation. Trough observation I was able to uncover and attempt the life of a toddler. The boy I observed was a 16-month-old boy named Jacob. Jacob has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is around a standing 2 ½ -3 feet I went to daycare to observe Jacob early in the morning . When I fist walked into the daycare I noticed that bulletin board and other wall decorated were bright and vibrant with color. In the background was music playing mostly nursery rhyme songs. On the left side in a corner there were mirrors and dress up clothes that the children can put on. In another corner are books and a cassette player. So the children to lie down on as well. In the middle of the room was a water table with little toy boats and ducks. I took interest to the room right away. I first met Jacob and he was at the water table with two boys. They were splashing around making a mess. Jacob was rather amused with a toy boat in the water. He seemed to like to crash his toy boat into the other boy’s boat causing the water to splash up everywhere. The other boy became frustrated and took Jacobs boat. Jacob took the boat out of the boy’s hand and screamed mine! Toddlers have difficultly sharing toys and want to be independent. Jacob proved this particularly during snack time. Jacob brought his own snack, a chocolate pudding and an apple juice. I noticed he had trouble opening his pudding with his tiny fingers. I decided to help him out. This was a mistake; he stared crying and took the pudding away from me screaming. No I do! After many attempts he allowed me to help him open it just a portion of the way and the rest he did on his own. While Jacob was eating he decided he wanted to share how good putting was with me. He took his spoon and held it up to my mouth and would not stop until I tried his pudding. However I retrieved my own spoon fro m one of the employees Ashley. Somehow Jacob managed to spill chocolate all over his white t-shirt and...

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