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China Essay

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Uganda’s health status in present day | China’s Health status in present day |
    * Infant mortality ratetotal: 62.47deaths/1,000 live births
male: 72 deaths/1,000 live births
female: 52.66 deaths/1,000 live births (2013 est.)   * Life expectancy at birth       total population: 53.98 years
      male: 52.65 years
      female: 55.35 years (2013 est.)   * Contraceptive prevalence rate30% (2011)   * HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate6.5% (2009 est.)   * Drinking water sourceimproved:
urban: 95% of population
rural: 68% of population
total: 72% of population
urban: 5% of population
rural: 32% of population
total: 28% of population (2010 est.)   * Sanitation facility accessimproved:
urban: 34% of population
rural: 34% of population
total: 34% of population
urban: 66% of population
rural: 66% of population
total: 66% of population (2010 est.)   * 994.791Bn Ugx was allocated to the health sector in 2013/2014 budegt.   * Medical Health insurance is offered by the employer and this is not for all.   * Access to public health facilities is still minimal and limited   * Hospital beds > per 1,000 people 0.92 per 1,000 people   * Medical provision is largely on cost sharing by the government and patients.   * Provision of medical services is both private and public athough the coverage is low. |     * Life expectancy at birth rose from 35 to 75 years in 2010.   * China’s total health expenditure is (about US$29.51 billion). It accounted for 5.1% of GDP, lower than the average for all middle-income countries (6.6%).     * Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes mellitus and chronic lung diseases) are the main cause of mortality in China.   * China’s total health expenditure in 2010 was 199.80 billion RMB (about US$29.51 billion). It accounted for 5.1% of GDP, lower than the average for all middle-income countries (6.6%). Per capita health expenditure is 1490 RMB (about US$220).   * The urban...

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