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Chipotle Marketing Plan Option

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* Website
      * Features information on Chipotle as a company including menu, , ingredient and food information, restaurant locations, the story of Chipotle, customer feedback page, and an online shop.
      * Also features information for investors, future careers, Chipotle as a business, including suppliers and development
      * Even includes sections on philanthropies Chipotle actively participates in, as well as press releases.
  * Online food ordering system
      * Find location online, and then order specifics through that location and pick it up after allotted time frame
      * Payment for food is through a debit or credit card, entered online
      * Account is made online that tracks previous order history as well as future favorites
  * App for Apple devices
      * Similar to the online ordering system, except more phone friendly
      * Uses the same account as the one on the website
      * Takes less than 5 minutes to complete order and about 15 to 20 minutes for pick up time
      * Can only pay with card on the app
  * Future of Chipotle
      * Instead of only seeing Chipotle as a Mexican food vendor, a super brand should be created similar to Yum! Brands that takes the concept of fast casual customization dining and incorporates it with other cuisines
      * Chipotle has already begun to open Shop Houses, with at least 6 destinations in both the Los Angeles and Washington D.C. areas.
      * Chipotle has also started a new chain called Pizzeria Locale with customizable pizza
        * Only one store in Denver
        * Very similar to Blaze Pizza
      * Instead of Chipotle being a one trick pony, it should be utilizing the concept that got it famous and apply it to other successful fast casual cuisines in the American culture.
      * When comparing Chipotle to Panera Bread, which only is a single aspect company, as well as Yum! Brands, a multi cuisine diversified company, the revenue growth of Chipotle...

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