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Christianity and Biddhism Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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Christianity and Buddhism

  Christianity and Buddhism are both created to promise a better life after the one a person is living. Christianity was founded in the early first century A.D and originally practiced by a group of Jews, but it expanded throughout the Roman Empire into the non-Jewish community. Buddhism started in 563 B.C.E and was practiced by eastern civilizations, India, China, and South Asia. Unlike Buddhism which people were not much opposed to, the Roman government was against Jewish people and enslaved them. These religions have many aspects that are very different, but they also have some similarities.
  A Jewish teacher, Jesus Nazareth, acclaimed to be God’s son and the person the Jews had waited for. People were attracted to his teachings and his love for humans. Then, he was crucified by the Roman and Jewish leaders. The people that believed him said that he rose from the dead and went to Heaven. Christianity had been born. Earlier, this religion was spread by Jesus and Paul of Tarsus, who at first was an anti-Christian, but after been converted by a vision of Christ, he became a leader and tried his best to promote the religion. It appealed to women and lower classes and by the third century C.E it had spread to the Mediterranean basin and was then declared the official religion of the Roman Empire, spreading northward and westward the boundaries of the empire. A strength that this religion has is that it believes in life after death and in forgiveness. Some weaknesses are that the church was branched out too much and it was corrupt. With the fall of the Roman Empire, Christianity had been given a great push because the structures of the religion were very similar to the one of the state government. They provided organization to society in ruins and a group of people elected elders to govern them. Women were to be treated more equally in the church; Christianity stresses spiritual equality of all souls.
  Unlike Christianity started,...

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