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Cis500 Week 10 Term Paper Mobile Computing and Social Networks

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Mobile Computing and Social Networks
Louis F DeWeaver III
Strayer University

CIS500 Week 10 Term Paper: Mobile Computing and Social Networks
Instructor: Albert Dominic
December 14, 2013

Thousands of cell phone Apps have been developed to complete a countless number of processes. In the early beginning of cell phone app development mostly all applications developed were games. With the increasing popularity of mobile app many businesses have started redesigning their web applications so that they are able to run on mobile devices.

Assess the effectiveness and efficiency mobile-based applications provide to capture geo-location data and customer data, and quickly upload to a processing server without users having to use a desktop system
With the creation and growing popularity of geo-location technology (which is a technology that makes use of any radio/network connected device to help determine the location and/or the identity of the user of that said device) data acquired from mobile devices have revolutionized the tacking and location of individuals. Geo-location technology is the most popular way that social media networks have begun to use. This technology is responsible for enabling many popular social media providers (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace) into being able to provide users apps that are able to allow their location information to be available to their friends. The technology also is used to pinpoint popular and/or convenient places (like restaurants) that’s is based on your physical location and it can even provide you with directions and allow you to make reservations. At one time applications of this type could only be accessed from a desktop system. If you have ever taken a road trip then you have more than likely used a desktop computer to access mapping sites such as Google Maps, MapQuest or some sort of online mapping site. The mapping sites allowed you to generate directions based on the user’s input of the...

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