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Class Dismissed Essay

  • Submitted by: Betsy25
  • on February 20, 2013
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Many believe that senior year of high school is where a lot kids start to make decisions on what they want to do with their lives especially leave their parents house and look for an apartment where they can live privately under no supervision from parents but I think that one should take a step back before making drastic decisions and think because life is not that easy as many have said but then again,everyone have their choices to make and mistakes are made of which we do learn from them.
Walter Kirn,one of many who believe that the senior year of high school should be eliminated as he sees it as nothing but a waste of precious time that could be spent in college or elsewhere. But then again, how would one prove that he or she finished high school without a diploma because in the world of today,everything that we do,we need to show a proof of something especially when it comes to searching for a job,a particular certificate or degree is required or even when enrolling to colleges or universities. Kirn assumes that seniors do nothing other than relax,party,and annoy thier parents.
The author uses imagery to show what will happen if senoir year was taken away meaning high school would only be three years instead of four. He says,"it's a spree,senior year,that discharges built-up tensions. It's an adolescent Mardi Gras". From this quote,you could see what his thoughts are about senior year. He uses "a spree" word to mean that, seniors are just running wild and that they can do whatever they can do while, "Mardi Gras" means that seniors are into festivities and always partying. H thinks that seniors do nothing but celebrate their last days of high school by partying.
What will happen if schools really do shorten high schools for students? "But what also might happen is that the education process,if it was shortened and compressed some might help kids think more clearly about their paths in life and set out on them on the right foot instead of...

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