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Clean Water Essay

  • Submitted by: donnamac
  • on February 21, 2013
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Clean Water

Have you ever wondered if the water you are drinking is clean? Is it really sanitized? Well, according to   an article I found titled “Clean Water For All,” there are 1.6 million people, mostly children, who die every year from diseases related to unclean water and poor sanitation. The risk of drinking unsanitized water is devastatingly high and have “been associated with risk of cancer and other diseases” (Duhigg, C).   “Since 2004, 62 million Americans have been exposed to drinking water that did not meet at least one commonly used government health guideline” (Duhigg, C). What do we do now? How can we make sure our drinking water is sanitized properly so we can reduce the risk of deadly diseases? Need a close out sentence in this paragraph. Do not leave on a question. For example, provide the reader where you are taking the paper…for example, “this paper discusses several ways in which water is sanitized, and better yet, how water is thought to be sanitized.”
After doing some research, I assumed that boiling water would be a great way to sanitize it. I’ve heard it all my life! Rephrase this..for example, “conventional wisdom holds boiling water is perhaps the most effective method in sanitizing water.” Truth be told, it actually does not sanitize it fully.   An article titled “Sterilization versus disinfection” stated that boiling water does kill many bacteria, but the vegetative spores usually are not killed because some bacteria live in extremely hot temperatures. So, boiling water does diminish bacteria, just not all of it.
An even better and easier approach to clean drinking water would be to invest in a store bought filtration. There are numerous water filtration systems on the market these days, so finding one that fits you, should be easy.   Make sure you look at components such as “how much water can it filter? When will you need to replace the components for the filter and how much will it cost?” (Samara). Citation Grammar. Also, make...

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