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Cloud Project Essay

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      a. Change in weather ( same or similar to concept 3)
      b. Cloud formation in weather. (General)
      c. Kind of Clouds
      d. Thesis Statement.
Currently, the north hemisphere is going through the Autumn Equinox, which is informally known as the Fall Season. Weather changing may be harmful for a person, if this individual does not know how to manage her or his lifestyle through all this weather changing. Logically, the best way to follow weather changing is by looking to the forecast. However, not everybody is able to understand this forecast. A good way to understand what is going on in terms of weather changing is to know how a particular cloud form.   There are some tools used by experts that will allow them to describe how a particular cloud formed. These tools are the knowledge about cloud formation, surface map, the 500 hpA chart, and the Skew-T.   A Surface map is a picture of the different air masses interacting over the surface, which interactions are called fronts, of a determined territory. An Air mass is   “an extremely large body of air whose properties of temperature and moisture are similar in any given direction or altitude” (Ahrens 212-243). A “500 hpa” or “ 500 hundred millibar charts” is a constant pressure chart that shows   a Low and a High pressure centers, and the wind direction. And, The Skew-T is a thermodynamic diagram that shows a vertical profile of temperature and dew point at different heights.   In order to understand how this cloud formed, we must know what kind of process created this cloud, analyze the Surface Map, analyze the 500 hpA chart ( and possibly the 250 hpA chart), and the Skew-t.   .
Cloud Formation(ways)
      e. Convection
      f.   Convergence
      g. Topographic
      h. Frontal
      i. Analysis
Frontal Analysis (Concept 3)

Before analyzing the surface map itself, we must know the different air masses that interact over the American Surface, and the different interactions they...

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