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Cmgt 410 Week 1 Dq Essay

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Daily operations are tasks that are repetitive. They are done daily to keep everything functioning smoothly. Projects are tasks that are done temporarily, and they have a start and end point. A few examples of characteristics of a project are: a time frame, a purpose, roles, and organizational changes. Projects usually are done in a set period of time with a start and end date, and based on a schedule. A project is usually based on a purpose that is specific to the project. A project is carried out for a specific reason or reasons. Some projects require that team members take on different roles during the duration of the project. The business may need to make changes to fit the needs of the project schedule and budget. A project usually requires a lot of team work because of the time frame and tasks that must be done. There is usually some planning done before beginning a project, such as setting a budget and time frame. A routine task is different, as it does not usually have a time frame and does not require changes in the roles of employees or the business. These daily tasks can be done without much thought and preparation.

According to the text, a project is a temporary venture taken on to accomplish a specific goal. Examples of attributes specific to projects include time frame, purpose, ownership, resources, roles, risks and assumptions, interdependent tasks, operating in an environment larger than the project itself, and organizational change. The following paragraphs review a few of the attributes and how projects differ from daily operations. By definition, projects are temporary, so they must have a definitive beginning and end. This differs from daily operations in that daily operations take place daily. There is no end; therefore, no time frame and are not temporary. Projects have a purpose. They are began in attempts to accomplish a goal, typically a tangible goal. Daily operations have purpose, but generally do not seek to implement new software or...

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