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Cmgt 410 Week 2 Individual Essay

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Network Systems Solutions, based in Portland, OR, is a company that designs, installs and maintains small to medium networks for homes and small business. NSS has offices in eleven states that have, until now, had their own systems for operation of the business in their location. NSS has installed a new network that links all of its locations together in order to standardize the operation systems and data available.
In three weeks, NSS Portland will host a company-wide training session of its IT staff on the final implementation and operation of the new network solutions package. It will then be necessary for the IT staff to return to their respective place of operation and train their own staff on the new systems. The training session hosted in Portland will last for 2 days and will consist of four individual meetings. The meetings will be broken into morning and afternoon blocks, each lasting four hours.
IT staff attending the training sessions will be flown in to Portland International Airport (PDX) and booked in to a hotel near the NSS Portland offices. All transportation needs will be arranged prior to the day of arrival and meals will be provided.
The objective of the training session will be to train the NSS IT staff in the proper use of the new network systems in a manner that they will be able to support the system at their own location, as well as train the staff at their locations.
The tasks that will need to be completed for this meeting are as follows:
  1. Inform IT staff of meeting via email
      a. Receive and track confirmations
      b. Reconcile confirmations to ensure attendance
  2. Accommodation arrangements
      c. Research local hotels near NSS Portland office
      d. Request bids from nearby hotels
      e. Determine best hotel and place reservations
      f. Arrange transportation
  3. Travel arrangements
      g. Request quotes from airlines
      h. Determine best airline and place...

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