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Cognitive Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: BlazeTooruu
  • on February 19, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Research on how particular individual differences of employees may influence the work process and help the managers in personnel selection and work organization.
The purpose of this document is to shed the light on some important aspects and strategies that can be successfully applied in human resource management, especially in employee’s selection and work organization. The results of two relevant studies presented to your attention were conducted in order to understand how particular individual differences can be measured to find their influence on the interpersonal encounters at workplace and how personal traits cause counterproductive work behaviour.
One relevant research was conducted to investigate how emotional stability and conscientiousness are associated with resource management strategies that may be perceived as counterproductive from the organizational perspective. Particularly, the purpose was to explore how connection between counterproductive work behaviour and conscientiousness varies as a function of the level of experienced job constraints and emotional stability. These two variables were chosen because they are highly correlated with the motivational intentions connected with the mental well-being and goals attainment that are common for wide range of jobs. The theory of conservation of resources was taken as the framework for the research.
The research had to verify four main hypotheses. The first one hypothesis that claimed that conscientiousness is negatively related to counterproductive work behaviour was not supported because the results have shown no correlation between them. The second hypothesis was proved because the results have shown significant interrelation between emotional stabilityand counterproductive work behaviour. The third one hypothesis was also supported because it revealed that connection between conscientiousness and counterproductive work behaviour was positive when emotional stability was low and negative when it...

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