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Colligative Properties & Osmotic Pressure Essay

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Experiment Colligative Properties & Osmotic Pressure
Karen Curry
1/19/2014 1:00pm

The purpose of this experiment is to understand and compare the difference of the freezing points between pure solvents in a solution and a non-volatile solute. Secondly, osmosis is demonstrated in a permeable membrane in this case a dialysis tubing and a less permeable membrane with a much harder shell like the egg.
Experiment and Observation
Starting with Part I of this experiment I gathered together all my items I needed. Small rubber band, salt, tap water, distilled water, 1/8 teaspoon measuring spoon, crushed ice, beaker 100 mL plastic, stopwatch-digital, test tube 13 x 100 mm, digital thermometer, well plate-24. First I made a water bath by filling the 100 mL beaker with cool tap water. I then placed crushed ice in the 100 mL beaker so the water level was just below the top of the beaker. I sprinkled a little salt in the ice water and mixed it well. I then filled the test tube half full with distilled water and set the test tube in the 24 well plate. I inserted the digital thermometer into the test tube and took reading every 30 seconds until the readings remained constant. The readings for the distilled water did not change.   I then placed the test tube in the beaker’s ice water bath and set the stopwatch at zero. I carefully stirred the water in the test tube with the thermometer and recorded the temperature of the water at 30-second intervals.
Data Table 1: Pure Water
Time in seconds | Distilled H2O Room Temp | Distilled H2O Ice bath |
0 | 2431o   C | 24.3o C |
30 | | 4.8o   C |
60 | | 0.7o   C |
90 | | -0.4o   C |
120 | | -0.8o   C |
150 | | -.10o   C |
180 | | -.10o   C |

Data Table 2: Salt Solution
Time in seconds | Salt Water Room Temp | Saltwater Ice Bath |
0 | 20.8O C | 14.2o C |
30 | | 3.0o C |
60 | | 0.2o C |
90 | | -0.3o C |
120 | | -0.5o C |
150 | | -0.6o C |

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