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Colorado Recreational Marijuana and the Law Essay

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Below is an essay on "Colorado Recreational Marijuana and the Law" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Recreational marijuana remains illegal under federal law, which creates a conflict for Colorado attorneys.   Lawyers who assist clients with legal matters related to the marijuana industry may also be in violation of ethical rules, according to an opinion issued by the Colorado Bar Association.   The opinion, issued in April 2012, is gaining attention in the legal community now that Colorado has begun allowing the sale and distribution of recreational marijuana.   Rules of professional conduct prohibit lawyers from assisting clients to engage in conduct that is criminal.   This dilemma presents the answer “Yes and No” to the question, is this act illegal.   Colorado voters approved a referendum to legalize recreational marijuana and the state has put into effect a myriad of strict laws on the possession and sales of marijuana that consumers, businesses and legal advisers must navigate.   However, Federal law says the drug's possession, manufacture, and sale is illegal, punishable by up to life in prison, and its mass cultivation is a sensitive subject among growers.   But in August, the U.S. Justice Department said it won't challenge Colorado or other states with laws legalizing recreational marijuana. Instead, federal officials will focus on serious trafficking and keeping the drug away from children.   In essence the Federal Government is picking and choosing which laws that are on the books they are going to enforce.   This has created a dangerous and definite gray area for all parties involved.
An addendum in Colorado has been filed recommending that lawyers be allowed to provide legal services to clients about marijuana-related conduct permitted under state criminal law.   The revisions are expected to be heard March 6 before the Colorado Supreme Court.   In the meantime, it remains a gray area for lawyers to assist clients in the private marijuana industry with contracts and leases. The ethics committee cites two specific examples: contracts to purchase and sell...

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