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Comarison Between President Obama & President Lincoln Essay

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  • on February 20, 2014
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Comparison between President Obama and President Lincoln
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Comparison between President Obama and President Lincoln
President Barack Obama and President Abraham Lincoln are said to have an unexplainable and mysterious bond, which links both of them at a number of points, especially regarding their political views. They are also said to share similar looks and similar way of dealing with politics. Some declare that the similarities in point of view towards politics are a result of the sense of responsibility that they share, and the way they both are concerned for the well being and progress of the state, as well as the citizens. Both the leaders are not only similar in their outlook, but also show a number of similarities in politics and thinking patterns, that would be discussed in detail in the following paragraphs.
Basic Similarities:
The basic similarities in style and looks of President Obama and President Lincoln include their outlook towards politics, as well the ability to tolerate and absorb criticism and new idea openly. Both the political leaders are well known for being patient while being criticized, and also have an open approach towards new and innovative ideas. They welcome new thinkers and believe in accepting the ideas, no matter where they come from.
In addition to being broad minded, both of them are known orator and writers—an ability that is not possessed by much leaders of the world. Their speeches, which are written by them, contain a high sense of responsibility as well as morality, which depicts their keen interest in public welfare, as well as the high moral values possessed by them. As far as their physical appearance is concerned, both President Obama and President Lincoln have tall and slim structure, with a confident and strong tone of voice. They both seem to have a confident aura and are mostly seen in black outfit.
Destinies of President Obama and President Lincoln:...

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