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Communication Essay

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  • on February 18, 2014
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Christian Arguello
September 12, 2013
Mike Tristano
Communication Improvement Profile

Communication Improvement Profile

Ever since I could remember I have been an outgoing person. When I am around people I do not feel nervous or uneasy. When I was in high school students would get in trouble for bringing drugs, swearing, PDA, or even fighting. I got in trouble multiple times in school, but never for those reasons. When I did get in trouble it was because I either talked to much during lectures, silent reading, or even when teachers gave us time to work on homework. My friends and teachers knew me as the funny loud guy in school. It wasn’t just students I got along with, even teachers enjoyed talking with me and I made friends with all my teachers. I could say, I am very comfortable around strangers and capable of making a conversation with them. When I do start to feel uncomfortable is when they reply with one word answers, such as “okay”, “nice”, “I know”, and “alright”. Never really liked people who made small talk, it is boring and awkward. My parents would tell me that I talked way too much. However, when it came down to my speeches in my classes I would struggle. I know for a fact I do not give well written speeches. When I am really nervous during my speech I will say “like” after every other word. I really do hate speaking publically, but this is something I cannot live without and need to improve in.  
My first goal in Communications 110, I would like to improve is my communication apprehension. I realized I had this for a long time, but never really did anything about it. I get butterflies in my stomach, I feel doubtful of myself, and I get worried that I am going to screw up. Having the thought that I am being graded during my presentation makes me anxious and nervous. While giving my speech I always think to myself. Am I saying this right? Do they know what I am talking about? Can they tell I am nervous? Hopefully, the teacher knows what I am...

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