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Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Submitted by: marmoura
  • on February 22, 2013
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Modern technology in teaching mathematics

Modern technology, especially computer aided instruction, is widely used in teaching.
Teaching material such as lecture notes, syllabus, exercises, tutorial sheets, solutions, handouts, quiz and examination information and so on are put on a web site.
Students can prepare well before lectures and they need not copy what the teacher   writes on the board. (save the lesson using the smartboard and post it on moodle)
A number of resources for mathematics can be found by searching the web. (moodle)
If students unfortunately miss the class, they can learn by themselves from these materials. Students and teachers can communicate by email, and students can discuss problems over the Internet with each other, or even with students in other schools or other countries.
Many teachers have begun to use mathematical software (Mathematica, graphmatica,power point , animation) in mathematics courses.

  1. With overheads replacing the blackboard writings, or the combined use of them, teachers will have more time to explain mathematics.
  2. Processing real life data are fast and easy using software, so students will feel mathematics is useful.
  3. The ability to solve seemingly complex problems under the instruction of tutors will make students more confident, and using the pictures and animation will make the course more interesting, so that students will not find the class boring.
  4. Plotting pictures on a blackboard is time consuming and difficult, whereas using software is accurate, easy and beautiful.
  5. With the help of computers, students will not worry about numeric computation. By using computers, students are learning better and more effectively with deeper understanding.


There are, however, some problems related to using computers in teaching.
  1. Firstly, teachers should have a good knowledge of using computers and...

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