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Complement System Essay

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Describe the complement system that is involved in the immune system. Answers are to be typed via Morpheus only and any late submission will not be entertained. Please include references in your answers
      One of the parts of the innate immune system is called complement system. The reason why it is called “complement system” is because it was identified as a component of serum that helps antibodies and phagocytic cell to kill pathogens inside organism.   Basically, complement system has three ways for it to kill pathogens. The 3 pathways are alternative, classical and MB-Lectin. There are multiple activities of complement system such as lysis, activation of inflammatory response, opsonization and clearance of immune complex. Components of complement is synthesized mainly by liver hepatocytes comprises blood monocytes, tissue macrophages and so on. They circulate in serum and classified by number or letter symbols. Larger and smaller peptide fragments will be formed when component is activated. The larger one will bind with antigen near activation sites while the smaller one is for local inflammation.
    There are about 30 different types of complement protein (inactive form) circulate in blood and interstitial fluid. The activation of complement triggered by antigens which when it binds directly with the antigens itself. When the pathogen coated with complement, it can be engulfed faster.   There are also complement proteins that are activated when antigen bind with antibodies. When this happened, attack complexes will be formed when large numbers of different complement molecules formed by cascading reactions. The cascading reaction will produce concentrations of activated complement at the site of the reaction. Next, the attack complexes will insert into target cell’s cell membrane and makes a large pore form. Due to severe structural disruption, lysis of the cell will occur and the cell will die.
      Inflammation is a response when damaged tissues...

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