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Computer Network Essay

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  • on February 21, 2014
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Tutorial 2
  1. A server program written in one language (for example C++) provides the implementation of a BLOB object that is intended to be accessed by clients that may be written in a different language (for example Java). The client and server computers may have different hardware, but all of them are attached to an internet. Describe the problems due to each of the five aspects of heterogeneity that need to be solved to make it possible for a client object to invoke a method on the server object – Hints: 1) Networks, 2)Computer Hardware, 3) Operating Systems, 4) Programming Languages, 5) Implementation by Different Developers.
Any Computer device that might be linked to the internet, we can say the Internet protocols will deal with differences in the networks.
However, some of these computer devices may run on different hardware, in this case the data representation process will be dealt differently due to the request and reply messages from end users to the objects. Each type of data source must be transmitted between the object and end user this is known to be the most common standerd that will define the differences.
In the case of the Operating Systems again most computer devices may run different Operating Systems, therefore to be able to send and receive messages, the different procedures must be dealt with, hence when we look at the Java/C++ level the procedure will be translated to the right operation relating to the right Operating Systems and this is known as one of the common tasks.
When we think about the programing language we need to think about C++ and Java as both programming language use different rules to represent data structure for example strings, arrays, records. To overcome this each type of data structure that might transmit between the object and client must be defined and have a way of translating between the data structure and both different languages.
When we discuss the implementors, each programming language might have...

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