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Conformity Report Psychology

  • Submitted by: alyshanabi
  • on February 18, 2014
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Conformity Report

The aim of this study is to measure and demonstrate the reactions and effects of people conforming under the pressure of guessing alongside others. The goal is to conduct an experiment conveying the extent in which people will conform. Two experimenters, Asch, in 1951 and Jenness in 1932, both carried out a similar experiment previously. My goal is to prove that people WILL conform if they are faced with the ‘’challenge’’ of guessing. They will copy or do similar to others due to fear that the others know more or better than they do.
The Independent variable (IV) is the two sheets of paper used in the experiment. One sheet will be blank and the participant will write down their guesses on it. The other sheet will have pre-written answers and given to a separate group from the first one. The dependant variable (DV) is the reaction from participants, whether they conform to the pre-written answers more and whether they conform to other participants that are also taking the experiment.
Altogether, participants were given either a blank sheet or a sheet with pre-written answers on it. The experimenters would then show the participants a jar of sweets/beans and ask them to guess how many are in the jar and write it down on any of the pieces of paper. The study showed that people are likely to conform more if they hear people giving similar answers despite theirs being different.
The main aim of this study is to investigate the extent in which someone will conform. Experimenter, Solomon Asch (1951), carried out an experiment including one participant and several actors. He told the participant that it was a visual experiment and that other people would be doing it with him. Asch put the participant into a room with the actors and went on to show him and the others pictures of lines all of different length (lines A, B and C) and then another picture of a line matching the length of only one of the others. The participant and...

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