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Constitutionality of Free Speech vs. National Security Essay

  • Submitted by: saphyre76
  • on February 21, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Constitutionality of Free Speech vs. National Security" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Constitutionality of Free Speech vs. National Security
Malinda Carroll
ADJ 255
February 14, 2013
Kathy Sumbry-Wilkins

What role does the Intelligence Identities Protection Act play in this matter?
  * Journalist has protection under rights of free speech and free press. But under the identities protection act anyone exposing crucial information can be prosecuted. A person in a covert position is placed there to collect vital information. Exposure can cause a series of consequences not only for those in the group but also others that this group has great dealing with.  
What does the threat or exercise of criminal punishment typically have upon journalists? How might punishment conflict with First Amendment protections of freedoms of speech and press?
  * Zero to none because they frequently express their rights of freedom of speech and free press. So they use the constitution in many situations to protect the information they release to the public. Journalist is briefed to release the source of their information so that prosecution can take place on that individual.  
How could Novak’s publication of Valerie Plame’s identity jeopardize national security?
  * Exposing a covert agent cannot only jeopardize what case she is investigating at the moment but can also keep her from other cases. Not to mention can also put her and family members lives in danger. Vital information of countries could be hidden. Lives could become compromised without collection of information.  
What is contempt of court, and for what reasons are journalists held in contempt? Who was held in contempt in the Plame matter and why?
  * Contempt of court is when an individual either being rude or disrespectful to the judge or failure to obey the order of court. They can be held in contempt if they are a direct party in the case. Matthew Cooper who is a time magazine reporter would not expose his source. Also Judith Miller New York time’s reporter for refusing to testify about...

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