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Control Measures Essay

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Control Measures


Control Measures
As managers of a customer call center for timeshare vacations, Jennifer and Maureen are concerned with declining profits and productivity over the past year.   In an effort to see an increase in both productivity and profits, the managers decided that control measures needed to be implemented to ensure the company's success.   Control measures are needed to evaluate employees and the call center as a whole.   Control measures will determine areas that need improvement.   These control measures for individual employees includes call monitoring and determine closing ratios.   For the entire call center,   it was decided that many profitability measures needed to be put in place as well as benchmarking.
Call center monitoring can be done both electronically as well as by individuals.   Electronic monitoring will track inbound and outbound calls.   With this type of control measure,   the number of calls that employees are both making and answering will be tracked.   It will track how long customers are on hold and how long each call takes.   Calls may even be recorded for review later to determine the skill level and performance of an employee while on calls.   The implementing of call monitoring will also help management determine the closing ratio for each employee.   This calls converted to sales ratio expectations will be   in job expectations and monitored in each employee evaluation.   The management team also determined that periodic monitoring of employee calls would also give management the ability to track the progress and abilities of employees.
Benchmarking is an important control measure for the achieving the overall goals of the call center.   Benchmarking can be done using industry standards for the type of organization and will include response time, abandon rates, average call times and customer satisfaction.   The call monitoring system will provide the statistics for each employee and management will compare with...

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