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Cooking Video Essay

  • Submitted by: bunnyboy123
  • on February 21, 2014
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Cooking video

What she did wrong

She didn’t wash her hands before cutting meat.

She didn’t’ keep separate boards for meat and vegetables.

The cutting board that was used wasn’t washed before use.

The groceries where left on unattended on the floor for a long time.

The groceries that were left untended on the floor which means the
doog could have licked them and spread germs.

She didn’t use the right cloth to clean the board. She used a
handtowel to clean the board, which previously she has used for
other things

She was scratching her head and she didn’t wash them before
continuing to prepare the food. If she had dandruff it could have
gone into her nails and onto the food.

The knife that she used wasn’t washed every time that she would
cut something new.

When she went and talked for an hour she didn’t put the groceries in
the fridge.

She also had cooked chicken sitting on the bench for a long time

She also left the groceries in the car for the long time.

When she was putting the meat and the vegetables in the fridge she
didn’t cover them up.
What she could have done better.

She could have washed her hands before preparing the meal .

She could have kept separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables.

She could have washed the chopping board thoroughly with hot water
before using it.

When she got home she should have put the groceries in the fridge or
in the cupboard and then gone and talked to her mum.

She could of washed her hands after she scratching her head and then
continued to prepare the meal.

Keep hand towel separate and wash afterwards

She could always wash knives and other cutlery after using it, and then
use it for a different purpose

She should always cover up food before putting it in the fridge.

Don’t put food where animals can reach it.

As soon as the food was in the car, she should have drove home and
put it in the fridge or...

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