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Cooperative Development Theory Essay

  • Submitted by: ajkraft
  • on June 6, 2014
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Human Development: Task1
By Amanda Kraft/WGU

Cognitive Development Theory:
The cognitive development theory is the brain child of Jean Piaget. It focuses on a child’s development based on his or her information processing (1). Cognitive development is broken into structures that are referred to as “levels” and are related to each other with transformation rules. The development steps identify which skills will move slowly from one complexity level to the next. Every step controls a certain skill. Motor-sensory actions are transformed slowly to representation then to abstractions. Continuous transformations cause behavioral changes and skill levels shift as a person develops to an optimal level (2).
Part B: Piaget vs. Vygotsky
B1: Compare and Contrast Views on the Nature and development of Intelligence.
When I contrast Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky I see that Jean Piaget believed that there are four developmental stages that everyone goes through to reach cognitive development. He believed that a person had to reach each of these stages to be able to learn at that level (4). While he did believe that social interaction was important to learning he overlooked the importance that a social group or even culture have on a child.
Now while Lev Vygotsky believed that before one could learn one had to develop, he also believed that through socialization and language, development and learning would work together. Vygotsky believed strongly that cognitive development is linked to input from others. Children will learn from each other if they are put into social groups with each other.
The similarities or comparisons between the two are that they both believed that social interaction has an irreplaceable role in cognitive development, Vygotsky put more emphasis on the role of social interaction than did Piaget.

B2: Compare and Contrast Stages of Development.
When I compare and contrast the two men, I find that Jean Piaget believed that “abstract symbolic...

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