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Courtship Essay

  • Submitted by: natvelazquez20
  • on February 22, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Courtship is a period in which the couple knows each other before getting married or engaged. It was very popular in the past and nowadays, it is also popular in many parts of the world.   In the past it was a way of attracting a partner to perpetuate a surname; however, today it has other connotation. I consider Courtship a time in which one of the partners does not show their real personality in order to attract the other part and he or she does not know the real meaning of   marriage. So,   most probably the relation won’t succeed. Do you agree on this?
Attracting people is a very difficult task and it is related to seduction in itself.   But when we are interested in attracting) someone in particular the task gets more difficult. Many of my friends agree on the fact that when meeting someone, they tend to show only a part of their personality. In other words, they tend to minimize those aspects which they know that the other person does not like and to lie and exaggerate about those things that will or they tend to say what the “future partner” wants to listen to. Everybody looks for different things in a partner; however, most people agree (especially women) that the desire of getting married soon is one of the most common lies.
According to society, marriage is the legal or religious union between two people of the same or different sex in order to build families. Despite of the different forms of marriage, the concept of union is always the same. We can find as many kinds of marriage as couples in the world. Every relationship is unique and that is what determines succeed or not in the relationship.
Directly or indirectly, we always want a successful relationship and failure is not the first thing in which we think when beginning a new relationship.   Unluckily, there is not a set of steps to follow or a recipe in which you have to combine ingredients, bake it and it is done! If it were like this, it would be very easy to have a relationship, but those...

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