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Creatinh a Methodology Essay

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Creating a Methodology
Danielle Rhymes
Marilyn Carroll
Project Management
April 19, 2014

    When the president of the company John Compton addressed the executive staff at the
meeting, it seemed as though he was not very happy with the excuses that they have been giving
about setting up a methodology. He has been asking them to set it up for more than a year and it
has not happened. Mr. Compton needs this methodology to be up and running so that they will
be able to compete with the other companies that already have one in place. His solution to this
problem was to inform his staff to have the methodology up and running in six months or he will
take over himself.
    Corporate culture executes the methodology. Senior management must create a corporate
culture that supports project management and demonstrates faith in the methodology (Kerzner,
2013). The existing corporate culture of the company was that the staff believed that if they were
to create this methodology they would lose the power that they have. They were so use to the
routine way of doing things, that a methodology would disrupt this. The staff felt that their work
would be threatened by the change since they knew there was a requirement of a project manager
office to be established and that would translate to the project manager taking some of their
responsibilities. Therefore the reason that made the executive staffs wait for so long to
implement the enterprise project management methodology was because of the culture of the
    When it comes to the project management office (PMO), I believe that they should report to
the chief information officer (CIO). The CIO is already an essential part of the company and will
be able to handle any and all issues that may arise from the project itself. The CIO also knows
the strengths and weaknesses of the employees that were assigned to the project. So he/she
would be able to see what part of the...

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