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Cremaster Review

  • Submitted by: smileyweijin
  • on February 22, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Hoon Wei Jin
VA 4.1

  Matthew Barney made the Cremaster Cycle that consists of 5 different films. The films that he made have a lot to do with themes relating to gender. The definition of the word cremaster is “the muscle of the spermatic cord, that allows the testicle can be partially raised.” The name explains why in the Cremaster Cycle, there are many scenes that vaguely show or mention the anatomical structure of the reproductive organ, in the case of Cremaster 4, the testicles of the male reproductive system.

  There is a symbol that keeps appearing throughout all the films in the Cremaster Cycle and it is the field emblem. It is a recurring motif which symbolizes a state of equilibrium because for its symmetric shape. Sometimes in the film, it shows a half field emblem that symbolizes that one side has gained an advantage over the other. Together with the recurring symbol, there would be a different logo in each of the films. Cremaster 1 with the logo of the shoe resembling the one Goodyear uses in the film, Cremaster 2 with the two flags and a honeycomb, Cremaster 3 with the eagles, Cremaster 4 with the insignia of the “Manx Triskelton”, and finally Cremaster 5 with a logo that resembles the female reproductive system.

  The Cremaster Cycle was made over 8 years, from 1994 to 2002. The production sequence of the films is 4, 1, 5, 2, and 3. The films are not numbered according to the sequence that they were produced but according to the thematic order that relates to gender, 1 being the hardest to tell between genders and 5 being the easiest to differentiate. I chose to watch Cremaster 4 since it was the first of the five films to be produced.

  Cremaster 4 was made in 1994 and it was the first of the Cremaster Cycle to be produced. Cremaster 4 it focuses more of the male gender. This film deals with the desire to return to a state of neutral gender as its male identity is formed. That means that the organism does not want to be recognized as a...

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