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Critical Thinking in Medical Assisting Essay

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Below is an essay on "Critical Thinking in Medical Assisting" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In the medical field, the Medical Assistant is crucial.   Medical Assistants are able to multitask and have many skills and are members of the world health care team.   Medical assistants perform both clinical procedures and administrative under the supervision of a doctor and nurse, of which both must be licensed. The medical assistant must be able to think critically in their day to day dealing with doctors, nurses, co-workers, most of all the patients. In the entire, medical assistant is the first and last person that sees the patient and their first impression will always be their last.
The course of study for medical assistants varies from state to state, but the certifications and Continuing education units (CU’s) are the same.   We will discover the course of study for the medical assistant.   In most states, there are no formal educational requirements for becoming a medical assistant. Most have at least a high school diploma. Many assistants learn through on-the-job training (United States Department of Labor, 2012 ).   Medical assistants complete both clinical and administrative tasks in the offices of many types of health practitioners. The size of practice, the location, and the specialty determine the duties that a medical assistant will perform.   Medical assistants typically do the following, but are not limited too with in their scope of education; they measure and take vital signs, assist the doctor with examinations, those with a phlebotomy knowledge and education will give patients injections at the direction of the doctor, they will also prepare blood and other samples for laboratory tests and those in the front will schedule appointment and follows with the doctor. There are two types of medical assistants; they are administrative and clinical medical assistants (United States Department of Labor, 2012 ).   The administrative medical assistant preforms the following tasks such as filling out insurance forms, those that are coders, code the patient...

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