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Cultural Differences Essay

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  • on February 22, 2013
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One way to improve our multicultural competencies is to apply the dimensions of 1) Self-awareness, 2) Knowledge of others, and 3) Skill-building intervention strategies. Provide an example of a cultural conflict (this can be from your own experience or one the media has exposed). Using the three-dimensional model for improving multicultural competencies, discuss in detail how this conflict may be (or could have been) reformed and resolved. Remember to use references where appropriate.

The conflict I am going to use is a conflict I had a few years ago with a co-work. I used to work for a company and we would have to make phone calls to customers who had recently purchased furniture and try to get them to add the protection plan. There were a couple of us working in the office together making the phone calls and everyone was about on the same pace of calls as each other except for this Chinese lady, Cindy. Everyone used to have to pick up Cindy's slack and call half of her list because she never got finished. One day I was listening to her calls and noticed that she was having full blown conversations with the customers that she was calling, "how is your day?", "do you like your new sofa?", "is that your children I hear in the background? how many do you have?", etc. At that point I realized that she couldn't make all of her phone calls and we were picking up her slack because she was goofing off and making the conversations long so she didn't have to call as many people. After I finished all of my calls, I went over to Cindy and confronted her about the length of her phone calls and how I didn't think it was fair to the rest of us that she was purposely having long conversations just so she didn't have to call as many customers. She seemed confused and told me that she wasn't doing that on purpose. She said that where she comes from when you call someone (regardless of who it is or how you know them) you have a conversation with them, ask them questions, get to...

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