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Culture Sterotypes Essay

  • Submitted by: raiderlve03
  • on March 1, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Chapter 1
a. What is the nature of people?   I believe there are a mixture of good and evil, and that change is possible.   I believe that a person cannot be taught to have a great personality, positive attitude, or desire to succeed, but can be taught how to be the best at what their position entitles them to do, through training and opportunity for further education.   When I began my career as an accountant with Foothill Transit, I had strong knowledge and skills in public accounting, but my job consisted of having knowledge and skills in government accounting.   After being trained by professionals on the job, and given the opportunity for further knowledge, I consider myself now strong in government accounting.  
b. What is a person’s relationship to the external environment, including nature?   I believe that people should live in harmony.   I believe that decisions should be made to meet people’s needs, while protecting nature.   I am a huge believer of going green, and protecting our environment for generations to come.   Working in the public transportation industry, we are to ditch our car, and ride the bus at least twice a month.   We preach and operate the green way.  
c.   What is a person’s relationship to other people?   I believe that groups should make decisions.   Even though a very knowledgeable director can make a concise choice from the candidates for a job, I believe a group of current employees can better combine their knowledge and experiences, and make a more concise choice.   A future employee will have to work with most individuals in the company, so not only would knowledge be needed, but also the personality and attitude to get along with other in the company.   Who better to see those traits in a potential employee, then its own current employees.   When I applied for my job, there were far more experienced people who also applied.   We were interviewed by a group of about 25 current employees.   This group ended up voting, and I received...

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