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Data Center Cost Reduction Essay

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With the recent economic downturn, many companies nationwide are making an effort to reduce operating expenses and cut costs in order to remain profitable. I have been appointed head of the committee to reduce costs and expenses for Christoph’s General Purpose Mega Mart.   The current setup for CGPMM’s consists of the following:
  * Two data centers that mirror each other, one in Chicago, IL the second in Los Angeles, CA.
  * Each has the ability to handle ALL production for your company
  * 1 Domain Controller (Windows 2008 Server)
  * 1 ‘simple’ file server that contains some basic documents that do not appear on the company’s SAN
  * 1 backup Domain Controller (Windows 2008 Server)
  * 1 SAN containing 50TB of available data storage
  * 2 Tape backup units
  * 2 Blu-Ray backup units (50GB each)
  * A Production SQL Server running as a virtual machine on another server shared with the Exchange Server and Security Server
  * The data center in Chicago (the headquarters), also includes some development equipment and a ‘working’ database server, currently running MS SQL Server.
  * The data centers are connected to each other through two T3 lines (for redundancy).

In order to properly determine the best course of action to take, I have researched a lot of the operating costs involved in running and maintaining two separate data centers. Due to the small nature of the convenience chain, I have speculated that there may be more benefit in reducing the physical size of the company and staff versus making a migration to different technology completely. My rationale behind this tactic is that both data centers are fully operational, and both equally capable of supporting the business’s needs individually. While it is important to retain a certain level of redundancy and keep information backed up, I feel that this task can be effectively accomplished at a much lower annual cost.
I have chosen to close the Los Angeles data center. I chose this...

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