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Death’s Kaleidoscope Essay

  • Submitted by: nikitasing
  • on February 23, 2013
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Death’s Kaleidoscope
At life’s conception, its journey has already been predetermined. It is said that everything that has a beginning has an end. Death has a normalcy. It is uncontrollable, and lacks purpose. Though there have been feeble attempts to conquer death, there must come a time when a person conforms to its stubborn clasp. We attempt to make sense of this inevitability and what its journey encompasses.   Death in its own right has intricately laced emotions.   It can present a kaleidoscope of colorful emotions and has a propensity leave these emotions untamed; poets are not immune to this grievance aftertaste.   Death is a mainstay due to its equivocalness and undefined function for life.   Dylan Thomas uses the theme death in four distinctive ways of expressing its ambiguity.
The title “And Death Shall Have No Dominion” is intriguing because of its paradox. Anything that has a birth has an undeniable finale. It feels as if the stars and the moon will be here forever but even it too shall have its time. Man has struggled to accept death as inevitability and many people cope with death by searching for some higher meaning to life, latching to religious or spiritual belief. As I read further it seems that Dylan Thomas illustrates his beliefs that one’s demise is not definite, and that a person should not ultimately be consumed by the abrupt conclusion of existence.   In the first stanza I feel he depicts the belief of a world beyond the physical.   In death we are all the same. We rot and decay. Giving ourselves back to the Earth in which we have come, we love footprints in time. Our stars are our approximation of time spent and passed.   But for Thomas is not the end. Somewhere in everything around us there are pieces of ourselves found. Our souls or spirits rise and we continue to live. There is a belief that love shall not be lost (line 8). On a greater level love is essential to our existence.   Children are birthed and nurtured for on average all most two...

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