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Defining Computer Support Essay

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Defining Computer Support
Bryant Watson
April 6, 2014
Shawn Kahn

Defining Computer Support
Customer service skills are a very important skill the help desk team must have in order to provide quality service to the organization. Our primary function is to provide customers with service for hardware and software issues from a variety of computer platforms. The customer service skills that the help desk team must master are listening, understanding and responding. Communication is one of the most important skills of the help desk staffer.   The ability to listen tentatively to clients is of utmost importance. Deciphering the users request and the level of dialect will aid the help desk person in delivering the level of assistance required.  
There are different skill levels of help desk support in customer service. Support ranges from providing a hotline or implementing chat sessions to supply information. Level one: the representative understands the problem and knows the basic tips to solve the problem. If they cannot resolve the issue it is then passed on to level two of help desk service support. Level two: is technical knowledge were the support team is more experienced with trouble shooting issues on hardware and software.   Level three: specializes in product development and support, for complex issues that cannot be resolved by the previous two levels.  
The help desk is a main point of contact for users that are requesting technical support. The support technicians’ primary focus is of troubleshooting and successfully completing problem solving tasks. The technicians’ role is to identify hardware and software issues and to provide a resolution to the problems. As well as provide telephone services, face-to-face communications and online services to our customers.  
There are particular tools used to support consumer concerns. Specific software or hardware must be available for testing, observation and study purposes. Whenever possible,...

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