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Deforestation Essay

  • Submitted by: chekeraarmani
  • on June 4, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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It has come to my attention that deforestation is happening more and more in the United States. Deforestation is the state of being clear of trees and it is a very big deal. It's not something that should looked upon and shoved away. It needs to be stopped, whether its gradually or immediately. Deforestation needs to be stopped because it causes wildlife to lose their habitat, it causes people and animals to lose oxygen, and it changes the reflectivity of the Earth.
First, deforestation causes animals to lose their habitats. A lot of animals such as bears, squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and more live in forests. When there are no trees these animals don't have home and they end up migrating or traveling to our homes, which were once their homes. Most animals are dying off because they have no home or food and its be cause of us. If we didn't burn or chop down trees the animals would be living peacefully and happily.
Second, it causes people and animals to lose oxygen. Trees process the carbon dioxide (CO2) that we breathe out and convert it into oxygen, which is what we need to breathe. If there are no trees there would be nothing. We wouldn't be here right now if trees hadn't developed years ago.
Third, deforestation changes the reflectivity of the Earth. It has been proven that forests absorb a lot of light, keeping the earth cooler, rather than reflecting it back into the atmosphere. If that happens it would cause global warming, which is now happening. In other parts of the world global warming is causing a lot of problems. Ice is melting in cold places and in hot places it is becoming too hot to walk outside. The world is becoming a hot disaster and the cause is deforestation.
In conclusion, deforestation is a terrible thing. It causes animals to lose their habitats, causes people and animals to lose oxygen and changes the reflectivity of the earth. Sure cutting down trees helps you get paper, pencils, bed, dressers, etc. but are those things going to help...

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