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Description Essay

  • Submitted by: Kamdin02
  • on February 21, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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I traveled to Newark, New Jersey to meet my sister Kelly for the first time. I recall getting off of the plane, looking around and taking a big breath. “I’m in New York,” I thought. I was walking over to get our luggage, and I couldn’t help but notice the ethnic diversity that New York has. I felt like a whole new world was at my feet. I remember sifting through the crowd of people, looking for my sister’s face. I finally found her in the crowd, and we gave each other a long, much needed hug. I felt like I had found a missing piece of my life. I have never saw anyone that looked like me before. I felt like I finally belonged.
                On the way to Kelly’s house, I saw a lot of trash on the side of the highway. It looked like people were dumping garbage outside the windows of their cars and leaving it to eventually be cleaned by someone else. I remember my sister honking her car horn a lot because people would just park in the middle of the road. Traffic is insane in New York. I can recall one of our taxi drivers using his cell phone to text messages while driving us around. I asked him to stop; even though he did, I still did not tip him. I also noticed a lot of tollbooths. There were four tollbooths from the airport to Kelly’s house.
              Kelly’s house is a very nice brick building. It is three stories tall with a basement so big that you could get lost in it. I slept on the futon couch in the guest room. The view from my room was awesome as I could see the park out back. Every time I looked at the city night lights, I would get goose bumps. Made of brick like the rest of the Newark, her house blends in. Newark has so many brick buildings that it is a little confusing. Each corner looked like the next. I remember the texture of the bricks was like one hundred twenty grit sandpaper. It seemed as if the whole city was made from the same dark reddish-orange bricks. The bricks seemed to exude heat, and that did not help because it was already ninety...

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