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Descriptive Eassay Essay

  • Submitted by: minx618
  • on February 23, 2013
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Jessica Mingle
English 99
Descriptive Essay

An Unforgettable Place

Growing up, the Nutcracker ballet grew to be one of the most important traditions of my childhood. When I wasn’t performing in it myself, my parents and I would travel everywhere to go see the ballet. If not in my hometown, we would go to New York City or even Seattle. Whether I was performing or watching as the dancers glided across the stage, making every movement effortless and beautiful is a memory I will never forget today.   The Nutcracker is the one place that I like to travel in my mind when I want to feel the warmth of that unforgettable place.
When I looked at that magnificent piece of artwork every day, it was like nothing could stand in my way. The smooth surface underneath my fingertips was like touching gold. It would hold me up as I performed each position, never letting me down. The bar was always in the same corner; I could practically walk to it in my sleep and never miss it. It helped me perfect my dancing and made sure that I was always comfortable, that I was safe like I was holding my favorite teddy bear.
The hard floor that supported me as I flew across it day after day was a soft grey with little light speckles of white. It dominated most of the room and was held together by a dark grey tape, like clouds in a storm, and stuck like glue never letting it part away from its other half.   Every creek it made reminded me that I was doing everything right, never missing a beat. It never failed that when I stepped out on that floor that I was in the right place and that I was supposed to be there.
The most remarkable part out of all of it was the music that pieced everything together. From the time I pressed play on the machine to the time the last note hit was like heaven to me.   Whether it was fast or whether it was slow, the beat was always the same.   It was perfect in its own way that I could never quite put into words. It was like a dream come true when every piece...

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