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Designer Babies Essay

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Designer Babies
Designing babies is a controversial topic among many people because in some circles it is considered “unethical” or “immoral” or even that we shouldn’t “play god” and that there isn’t anything beneficial to the whole thing. But those people are wrong. Contrary to popular belief, designing babies can prevent many inherited genetic disorders, contribute to a more capable society, and promote a more “happy” society. There is no reasonable reason to not have designer babies and those conservatives are holding all of humanity back from progress and that is not nice.
There are genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, or hemophilia that plague the world and the people in our lives. This can be easily prevented by allowing parents to design their babies without those life-altering disorders. Eventually, hereditary diseases can ultimately be eradicated from the human genome and overall human life can improve because of a few simple alterations. Some ridiculous people may say it is unethical to change the “stock genes” of a child but is it really unethical to prevent suffering and life threatening disorders from appearing (Lee 1)?
There is a subsection of designer baby-ing where you can improve the potential capabilities of the child in terms of intelligence, athleticism, and overall performance that rustles the jimmies of many people. But why not? With more capable children out in the world, there will be a greater likelihood of them making a difference. Because of our society where technology is always ever changing, only the most top-notch, intelligent individuals can truly make a difference and with designer babies, society as a whole has a much greater potential. It almost even become a “social obligation” to make your child turn out the best possible way they can (Alleyne 1).
In our world, there are still things like infanticide, disappointment, and high expectations which usually come from parents who don’t like how their...

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