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Development of Children and Young People Essay

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  • on February 22, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Development of Children and Young People" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Task A) Understand the expected pattern of development for children and young people birth -19 years
Task A.1

Age of baby/child | Physical | Communication | Intellectual or cognitive | Social, emotional and behavioural | Moral |
Birth-   3 weeks | .Reflexes – gross & fine motor skills.Usually holds hands tightly closed.In supine position: lies with head to one side.In prone position: lies with head to one side and tucks knees up under the abdomen | .Cries to communicate hunger, tiredness and distress | .Recognises mother’s voice | .Begins to bond with primary carer from birth. .Totally dependent on others | |
1 month | .When sitting, head falls forwards and back curves.Posture more ‘unfurled’.Reflexes persist, startle reflex is seen less .Gazes attentively at faces, particularly when fed and spoken to. | .Communicates needs through sounds.Communicates needs through crying.Communication occurs through physical closeness.Begins to coo and gurgle in response to interaction from carers. | .May be soothed when crying by a familiar voice or music.Senses are used for exploration | .Smiles from about 5 weeks.Begins to respond to sounds heard in the environment by making own sounds. Engaged by people’s faces | |
3 months | .Turns from side to back.In supine: head in central position.In prone: head and chest can be lifted from the floor, supported by the forearms.when sitting: little head lag remains, back is straighter.Arms can be waved and brought together.Legs can be kicked separately and together.Alert, moves head to watch others.Engages in hand and finger play.Hands rattle briefly before dropping | .Recognises and links familiar sounds such as the face and voice of a carer.Will hold ‘conversations’ with carer when spoken to, making sounds and waiting for a response.Can imitate high and low sounds.Returns a smile when smiled at | .Through senses, can understand sexes as separate people.Begins to notice objects in a close environment | .Begins to discover...

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