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Devry English 092 Essay

  • Submitted by: rivitas123
  • on February 18, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Devry English 092" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Progress Check #2
VOCABULARY (50 Points)

PART A. Fill in the blanks in each sentence below (2 pts. each/ total of 30 pts).

Choose from the following words:

history | spelling | example | inference | pronunciation |
speech | synonym | prefix | antonym | definitions |
meaning | original | context | definition | suffix |

  1. The base, or root, of a word gives its _ORIGINAL____ meaning, which often comes from another language. It may be a root word from Greek, Latin, French, German, or Spanish.

  2. A __PREFIX____ is a word part added to the front of a root word and changes the   ______MEANING__________ of the word.

  3. A SUFFIX is a word part added to the end of a root word. It most often changes the part of ____SPEECH__________ of a word, as it is used in a sentence.

  4. An author often provides clues right in the ____CONTEXT_________ to help you understand the meaning of unknown words.

  5. A type of context clue where the writer provides the meaning of a word within the sentence, or in the sentence following the unknown word, is called a __DEFINITION____   clue.

  6. A type of context clue where the writer provides a word that is similar in meaning to the unknown word is called a _______SYNONYM_______ clue.

  7. A type of context clue where the writer provides a word that means the opposite of the unknown word is called an _____ANTONYM________ clue.  

  8. A type of context clue where the writer provides details that explain what the word means is called an   ___EXAMPLE_______ clue.

  9. When the writer gives hints about the meaning of an unfamiliar word, you can guess the meaning by using _______INFERENCE_______ clues.

  10. A dictionary provides information about a word. It includes the __DEFINITIONS____ of the word, the word’s___SPELLING____, the __HISTORY____, and the ____PRONUNCIATION___ of the word.

PART B:   Below you’ll find ten sentences with unfamiliar words highlighted....

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