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Dick Gregory Essay

  • Submitted by: starver19
  • on February 28, 2014
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Steven Tarver Jr.
Professor Davis
English 100 Mon. & Wed. at 9.25 p.m.
September 19, 2013
Negatives into Positives
Everybody goes through challenges in their academic career. Some people fold under the pressure and some people use them as a stepping-stone to make them a better person at reading and writing. The author of, “Superman and Me” Sherman Alexie explains his difficult childhood being a poor Indian boy that lives near Spokane, Washington whose only outlet was reading. The surrounding or environment in which a person lives in can also affect the literacy of an individual. Through the years of my parent’s divorce, living in a terrible neighborhood and following my role model footsteps; I progress from a trouble maker to what I am today.  
My parent’s marriage was a major factor in my literacy development in my childhood. As a little kid I remember watching Barney and Sesame Street with my mother learning my ABC’s and numbers. My father decided to marry my mother after a couple of years dating but the marriage wouldn’t last long. The marriage was less than a year; at an early age I knew that it will be very difficult to grow up in our separate family. The marriage affected my behavior in school from a good kid to a trouble maker. I was the kid who sits in detention or have lunch detention. Even my father would sit down with me in my classes at my elementary school to reduce the number of phone calls from different teachers saying that I was once again was acting up. Instead of getting one punishment, I got two of them if I got in trouble at school. After that my parents would turn off the volume to my television and turn on the subtitles, so that I would have to read the television to figure out what is going on in the episode. Both my parents extremely dislike each other, and would talk about each other all day if they could. The funny thing about it my mother still carries my father’s last name. At the end of the day my parents love me enough...

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